What inexpensive treatment can I use to treat mange for my pitbull puppy.?

Mange Treatments

I’ve asked around to alot of vets and there asking crazy money for mange treatments, money that I just don’t have. I need to know what I can use that im not gonna spend a fortune on and something thats very effective.

mange miteI need help bad i hate seeing my puppy like this but i just cant spend hundreds or dollars.
Im a little irritated with some negative answers.

Mange Home Remedies

I truly do care about my dog, im not asking for home remadies im asking what can i ask my vet for.
I want to know has anyone had a dog with mange and what did the vet prescribe and how much did you spend so i can ask mine just looking for the best way but for less than these exspensive dips that dont always work.

Times are hard.
But thank you for the ones that actually helped

Seriously, why should you spend hundreds of dollars on your dog. That is just so unreasonable.

I am sure you know you can just replace him for a lot less money then actually taking care of him.

mange treatmentMost Effective Mange Treatment Spray

The Pets’BestRx Mange Treatment Spray is the most technologically advanced treatment for Mange. There are no poisons or pesticides in the formulation of our Pets’BestRx Mange Treatment Spray like in other products available on the market.

It simply treats the skin caused from an auto immune response caused by the mites exoskeletons, saliva and feces. Our Pets’BestRx Mange Treatment Spray is Easy-To-Use suitable treatment for mange. Perhaps that’s why we have seen a surge in demand for this product over the last several years.

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