How to get rid of dog mange?Is it contagious to my kids and other pets?Is there a home remedy?

I had a stray come wandering on my door steps awhile back,(4 months) and he won’t leave .I have a german shepard/lab dog and they have become close.Now my dog won’t eat ??? What is going on? Besides this stray has mange and if he sticks around I don’t want me & my kids and pets to get it.
Can anyone help me with a suggestion?Besides old motor oil my husband suggested??EWE! I thought gross..But what about bleach or vinagar? They kill anything..can they kill the mange?
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Bleach and motor oil could kill the dog. The motor oil is an old wives tail and will not work. Vinegar will not work either. I would suggest that you take both dogs to the vet. There are two types of mange. They are both treatable in both humans and dogs. Only one of the types of mange is contagious to humans. If your vet didn’t do a skin scraping than you wouldn’t even know if this dog has mange in the first place. If the dogs are not itching and loosing hair than it is probably not mange, maybe it is a flea infestation. To be safe take the dogs to the vet and ask the vet to help you out with the stray, some vets even take strays and then turn them over to a no kill agency. If you want to keep the dog(s) you need to take proper care of them for their life time. Good luck.
May I make reference to the post below in regards to Motor Oil.
Yes, some animals can be cured (depending on what it is) and remain healthy while others may not be so lucky. I am a vet tech and see this sort of thing all of the time. Please don’t use the motor oil.
Demodectic Mange is not contagious to other animals or humans, it is an immune problem where the cells attack each other. This can be cleared up, but not with Motor Oil. The other mange is Sarcoptic mange and is contagious to humans and others animals, more easily cleared up. Applying Revolution to the dog usually helps with the Sarcoptic mange but not the demodectic mange. Without a skin scraping to determine what the animal has, (it may not be mange) is the only way to know how to care for the dog(s) properly and safely. If you apply the revolution and it doesn’t clear up the problem and then you apply something else, this is where it could become toxic, deadly and expensive! Not to mention that revolution is a chemical and if applied on raw skin could cause more damage. Best left up to the vet either way. One of the tell tale signs of mange is a distinctive odor. Please visit and read about mange. Good luck again! I am sorry that I didn’t mention it before, but you did do a great thing by rescuing an animal. God bless you for that. But part of rescuing is proper care and proper care does cost us money. If you don’t have the money to treat the dog call an area rescue they will probably agree to pay for treatment if you adopt the dog from them. It’s only on paper and the dog will remain in your custody your option would be adopt the dog yourself or foster it in your home while the agency finds the dog a permanent home. It’s a paper transfer only. This sort of adoption works out all the way around. Ask your vet for recommendations and help. I am doing this now for a dog that I rescued but signed over to a lab rescue. The dog is with me and I have first right of refusal on any home that they may find for me. I also have the option of adopting the dog myself if I want to. Meanwhile the rescue if paying for all medical care.

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