How can I cure my dog of mange?

Mange Home Remedies

demodectic mangePlease help! I need a home remedy for mange. Me and my cousin save this pittt bull. The last owner was fighting him, he is a loveable pitt! He like to be around kid and does even bark much. He has a terrible rash on his side and know its on his face. He had a lot of bite wound on him we ttreated them pencilin and anti bacteria ointment.

I think he has mange but I not sure He also has some hair loss around his face. We tried the ointment Nu-stock but it seem to made it worst. Is their something else I can use on him either a home remdy or something I can buy what ever I needs help. he so precious and I needs help curing him and I can afford a vet right now.

Variety of Mange Treatments

Dude, sorry but i highly recommend you to take your pitt to the vet. to get a dip treatment..shouldn’t cost a lot. so if you really care about your dog, then take it.

Best Mange Treatment

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