Do you know of an over the counter treatment fo demodectic mange? My poor dog!?

Before I get the sermons on mange, demodectic mange is hereditary and not communicable. And even if a dog carries it, it may never show.

We found out last fall that our poor 12 year old dachshund carries demodectic mange, before that we had no idea what it was. In the last 8 months he has undergone 3 treatments for recurrence, this morning I noticed it’s coming back.

While I don’t, usually, mind taking him to the vet, this is between $400 & $600 each treatment, $1400 in the last 8 months, and frankly I don’t have that right now.

Does anyone know of an inexpensive, effective, over the counter treatment for this ailment? And please, just for my peace of mind, let me know how you are aware of its effectiveness. Being in the veterinarian field would help.

I thank you in advance for any help you may provide! So does my poor suffering baby!
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Do you know of an over the counter treatment FOR demodectic mange?
He CANNOT be reinfected by another dog or bedding! This can’t be transferred from one dog to another or to people! This is HEREDITARY, it is a part of his chemical makeup.

He was 2 when we adopted him from a shelter, and we had no idea. According to our vet, they usually, and immediately “fix’ any animal they know carries it so as not to pass it to future generations!
He is the love of my life and I would do anything for him! They believe this has shown itself due to stress, he is in, otherwise, perfect health. But, his human Mom has been ill and in and out of the hopital and they think this may have contributed to his sudden prolific showing of this condition.

I thank you for all of your informative answers. I hope we can soon have him on the road to recovery and living many more happy, healthy years!
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You are correct on your information. And the outbreak is likely due to stress. Thing is, most all dogs carry the demodex mites. A lot of puppies have skin irritation from it. Most adults don’t. The adults that do generally have weak immune systems, allowing the mites to get the upper hand, so to speak. Your dog being 12 and stressed about mom could definitely weaken his immune system.
I’d try another vet. Or, if you’re really faithful to your vet, ask about Ivomec oral as treatment for Demodex. It’s cheaper, easier, and often more effective than the dips, baths, etc. I had a puppy with undiagnosed liver disease. She also had demodex. The special shampoo and gasoline smelling dip did nothing, really. Later, when I worked at a vet’s office (NOT the one that treated my puppy, mind you) we often used Ivomec for demodectic mange treatment. It was almost always highly effective, and a whole lot easier on the owners and dogs. Granted, the stuff tastes nasty, but it works well. (And yes, I have tasted it. Curiosity got me.) You give a certain amount (calculated by the vet, as the medication is very concentrated and I’m not even attempting that math!) orally by syringe every day for a couple of weeks and things should be cleared up. You might even be able to do a phone call and get the vet to have a prescription ready for you, since it’s an existing condition. Then you at least wouldn’t have another office visit fee and all.

You can also try searching online for safe and non-toxic Mange Treatment.