Demodex Mange Treatment??

demodexI have an 11lb Chihuahua mix that is a rescue. He has been treated once before for Demodex mange. The vet did 3 skin scrapings between 6 Mitaban dips and his last 2 scrapings came back negative. Well, 3 months later – it’s back.

Anyone have any other suggestions – the vet is advising Demodex Mange retreatment all over again, but we’ve gotten a second suggestion from another local vet that has advised us to use 3V vitamins to boost his immune system and he also advised us to try Goodwinol cream on his one spot. The spot is about the size of a small button, but I don’t want it to get any larger. Has anyone tried these methods, any other suggestions for Demodex Mange Treatment??

I’m really on the fence of going through treatment again or doing the alternative.

The vet you got your second opinion from sounds like a better vet to me as Mitaban dips are not recommended for toy breeds.

If the mange is localized, then the Goodwinol ointment (insecticide) is the appropriate course of action. The current treatment of choice if the Goodwinol proves ineffective is daily ivermectin.

No matter which treatment method you use, I would definitely do the vitamins. A dog with a strong, healthy immune system is better able to keep the demodex mites in check. The demodex mites actually are on virtually every single living creature and aren’t a problem for most. Some dogs are chronically afflicted.

Good luck and I hope you get good results with the Goodwinal.

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