whats a good home remedy for dog mange?

Mange Home Remedy

Mange Treatment for CatsIf your cat or dog’s coat is looking shabby, or perhaps has hair loss, you will need to become very familiar with the symptoms of mange and what could happen to your pet if you leave it untreated.  There are several mange home remedies on the market that work very well and does not require a trip to the vet for the traditional toxic mange treatments.

Mange is a very horrible condition where mange mites literally are biting and eating your pets flesh.  These mites burrow into their skin, and depending on what type of mange your pet has, he may or may not itch at all.  First learn about the different types of mange, then determine what type of mange treatment or mange home remedy you need.

There are literally 3 kinds of mange that require
mange home remedy:

  1. Sarcoptic Mange – This mange is easy to treat by using a mange home remedy; however it is very contagious to you, your family and other pets.
  2. Demodectic Mange – This mange is serious and is usually common with puppies.  The puppy inherits the mites from his mother and his immune system is not strong enough to fight the mites.  It is very common for demodectic mange to also include puss and infection on the skin.  The use of a mange home remedy that  also heals the infection is critical.
  3. Notoedric Mange – Means cat mange and is very similar to Sarcoptic Mange.

Mange Home Remedy for cats are very different than a mange home remedy for dogs.  Learn the difference of the two kinds of mange treatments.  Dog Mange Home Remedy or Cat Mange Home Remedy.  Remember cats do not like to be bathed; therefore you can’t use a shampoo and they also lick their coat.  Therefore, never use a mange home remedy that is toxic…  Your cat will get sick or die!

Its important that you realize that most healthy dogs already have demodex or demodectic mites already in their coats.  There becomes a problem with the mites get out of control and thats when your pet gets into trouble.  Its common for the allergic reaction of mites to be in one place and quickly spread to other places; sometimes it covers the entire pet.

There are several mange home remedies; however they work slow and in most cases don’t work at all. You decide on your budget and if these will do for your pets health.

You may want to check out the mange home remedies listed below
to get acquainted with them.

  • Hydrogan Peroxide and Borax Mange Home Remedy- This is good for sarcoptic mange; however if your pet has puss and infection, I would include something for the infection.  Use 1% hydrogen peroxide solution with water and borax.  Dissolve the mixture well and apply it once a week to your pet.  Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of borax for ever 500cc of 1% hydrogen peroxide.  Just leave it on and don’t wipe it off your pet.  Do not use this treatment longer than 2 months.  If your pet still is not healed, you need a better solution.
  • Motor Oil Mange Home Remedy- Although this is not recommended, many say it works.  Motor oil is VERY toxic and could harm your pet more than help him.  The hydrocarbons from the motor oil can be absorbed and cause dangerous drop in blood pressure.  You could also expect kidney or liver damage.  Most ole timers who used this method of treating mange in the past all said it worked….  However nothing is said about how many pets actually died from using this mange home remedy method.
  • Pine-Sol Brand Cleaner & Pantene Hair Conditioner Mange Home Remedy-  The pinesole contains 15% pine oil which will kill mange mites; however it causes extreme skin irritations and is toxic when swallowed.  You would want to keep a close eye on any skin irritations; you will need to treat that also.
  • Lemon Mange Home Remedy- Boil lemons and allow the mixture to cool.  Sponge it on the pet.  It will also act as a repellant.  Lemon actually is a good parasite repellant; however used by itself will not kill the mange mites.
  • Sulfur and Calamine Lotion Mange Home Remedy- Mix 1 part sulfur and one part calamine lotion and 1 part aloe vera liquid.    Then add a gallon of water into a pot and add the mixture of sulfur, calamine and aloe vera.  Bring to a boil and let it cool.  Rub it into your dogs fur and massage it in.  Do not rinse, repeat every 4 to 5 days.  This remedy does work slow on healing the skin; however it does nothing to kill the mange mites.

Your only option for treating mange is not following the veterinary approved dog mange treatment strategy. These are expensive and very toxic to your pet.  Additionally, the treatments do nothing for the infection either.

Traditional Treatments for Canine Mange may include toxic dips or medicated baths, topical ointments or toxic oral drugs. Topical treatments are most commonly used for localized cases while dips and shampoos are necessary when the disease has spread extensively. The oral drug used in treating Canine Mange is ivermectin. When ivermectin is prescribed, care should be taken to follow the veterinarian’s instructions carefully because it is a powerful drug which can have severe side effects, including death, if not used correctly. More severe cases of Canine Mange may require shaving the affected area and isolating the dog during treatment to prevent the transfer of the mites to other mammals.