SAFE home remedies for Mange???

Does anyone have any SAFE home remedies to try for mange? I bought a puppy at the local animal shelter in Dec, that had mange and we took back. Now my older dog is showing signs of mange.
We originally thought it was an allergic reaction to something she ate (dog food with yellow corn meal). We’ve been talkin with the Vet about the allergies. Well, this weekend I gave her a bath, and chunks of hair fell out. I’m afraid that she’s had mange all along, and we confused it with the allergies. Today, her foot is raw and sore, and the vet is closed for holiday. Any suggestions? We have her knocked out on benedryl, and a collar on until we can get to the vet tomorrow
Not that I have to explain myself for people like pitbull, but the puppy I had overnight. I asked 4 different people at the shelter if the puppy was sick. They assured me she was not. I was instructed by my vet to take her back because she was a public health hazard. I have 12 years invested with this dog I have now, not 1 night. Also, I”m a single mom, working my way through college to make a better life for my daughter. While I understand that that dog was probably put to sleep, I was following the instructions of my vet. I am HOPING he will NOT give me the same instructions for this dog tomorrow, as, 1) she was healthy BEFORE the neglect of the animal shelter that sold me that puppy, and 2.) I have had her for 12 years, she has been a loyal dog and a part of my family. Before you judge, maybe you should find out the whole answer. Funny that you feel you CAN judge, yet have everything blocked so no one can respond to you.
I don’t think my dog can take the Ivemectin…she’s a border collie, and that medication is toxic to herding dog breeds 🙁

Oral ivermectin is the treatment for mange. Your vet can give you dosage information. Ivermectin is sold OTC for less than ten dollars (in some forms). You just have to have a dosage instruction from your vet.

Demodectic mange is an auto-immune disorder. It does reoccur in most cases even with treatment.

Some vets drrraaaaggggggg out treatments for hundreds upon hundreds of dollars with dips, shampoos, PO meds, etc. But ivermectin is the treatment of choice. And it is not expensive.

Good luck.