Home remedy for Scabies, mange or mites?

Has anyone had scabies or their dog have mange or mites that knows a good home remedy that works?? I heard kerosene works.. I am really looking for someone who has had it and actually delt with it and GOT RID OF IT. I want a good remedy that WORKS. PLEASE!!
Thank you!! God bless !!

There is no home remedy. There is only one substance that works, and right now I can’t remember whether or not it’s over the counter or by prescription. Your pharmacist should know…but absolutely NOTHING else will work besides this one medication. Voice of experience here. I shook a client’s hand once many years ago, and 21 days later came down with scabies. Not fun. If left untreated, it destroys human tissue. Your whole house has to be disinfected, too…sheets, mattresses, pillows, rugs, towels…mostly everything made of cloth in your whole house. Steaming and dry cleaning work on fabric, but on humans, again, a bath in that ONE solution is the ONLY remedy. Sometimes you have to do 2 baths in it. Call your pharmacy to know how to get the solution. Good luck, and I’m sorry to hear you have to deal with this. It is no fun.