Home remedy for mange for dog and human?

Ok something is wrong with the puppy that was given to me. He had a rough start at life and has some kinda skin condition. I’m starting to think it may be mange. I already took him to the vet and they were no help. Now his hairs falling out, he’s extremely itchy, and very crusty. To be honest with you I can’t afford another vet bill and my puppy needs help. And I don’t know if I’m paranoid or what but I’m starting to itch pretty bad so if you know something I can do for myself as well please let me know. Thank you!

I’m in the same situation. My English Bull Terrier has extremely dry, irritated skin. She’s started to lick at it so much, that she has bold spots. It’s quite sad :[

I’ve ruled out mange on my pup. Mange usually attacks the face and legs. It your pup’s skin problem is all over, it’s not mange.

Skin allergy tests are very expensive, and I’m in a tight spot this month so I understand that you can’t go to the vet.

I’m currently assuming my pup has a food allergy. Corn and wheat are the two ingredients that dogs are typically allergic to. At this point, it couldn’t hurt to change his food over.

Try Canidae Lamb & Rice kibble. It’s a more natural based dry food. If you do decide to change his food over, don’t give him anything else during the change. Once he’s completely on the new food, give it a week to two weeks and see if that helps.

If your dog is itchy all the time and fleas are ruled out, then he may be sensitive to either food, airborne allergens or both. Try and determine a pattern of when he does most of his scratching and chewing.

Does he scratch constantly or just after he eats or when he comes in from outside.

Does he just chew his feet which could indicate that food is the problem.

Does he shake his head alot and have constant reoccurring ear infections which could mean that “yeast” is a big problem.

Does he scoot on his behind often which could indicate that he has a gland problem which could be caused by either food or environmental allergens.

Does your old dog have soft stool more often than not, this is common in dogs with allergies.
Helpful Tips…

Keep your dog clean, including his ears, especially if he has a “yeast” problem.

If he is sensitive to to people food, don’t give it to him.

Stick to all natural forms of food.

“Benedryl” (Plain Benedryl Only) check with the pharmacist if you are uncertain as to which one is safe for dogs, they can help you. You will probably have to check with your veterinarian as to how much to give your dog.

Again, “Temeril P” which is a prescription medication and includes prednisolone and trimeprazine seems to work wonders for canine allergies. Keep in mind that all dogs are different and all drugs do have side effects, so please talk to your veterinarian about this medication in detail.
Watch your dog and try to identify timing patterns, etc. to determine what might be causing the constant dog chewing and nagging dog skin problems.

The First Place To Start Should Be With The Dog’s Food.

needless to say, I’ve done my research. I’m in the same boat so I completely understand what you’re going through

Good luck
Hope everything turn out well 🙂