Will My Dog Get Mange?

Will My Dog Get Mange?

Demodectic Mange.Question by Ashley H: Will my dog get mange?
In my neighborhood there are a LOT of stray cats, and they all like to eat my dog’s food. She loves to share. She took in one cat and we kind of adopted it as our own, but is still wild. There is another cat who I think was in the same litter that only comes around once in a while, but eats out of their bowls. I noticed it was missing alot of hair in the throat and chest area. Now I am worried about my dog and “my cat” who are very close to each other. Also, if the dog gets it, can my family, especially my daughter who huggs up on her, get it too? I am afraid to call the pound, that they might pick up “my cat” insted of the mangy one since they are both all black and we like having her around… she catches mice. Any ideas on the subject, or helpful hints would be a relief.

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Answer by HandyManOrNot
Try feeding the dog inside.

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