what is the mange and how do i get rid of it on my dogs and puppies?

I’ve had them dipped and gave them meds from the vet and no improvement. I’ve had to have 2 put to sleep because I could not get rid of the mange, no matter how I treated them.

Mange is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites. There are two common types (demodectic and sarcoptic) and a few others which are less common.

You get rid of them by having the vet take a skin scraping and identify the type of mites, and prescribe treatment. If the initial treatment does not work, you TAKE THEM BACK. Demodectic mange especially is very hard to get rid of, because it accompanies an immune system that is surpressed. It can take months and months of consistent treatment to get rid of it, and the dog can relapse later on when subjected to stress or illness. Any dog that produced a puppy with demodectic mange or has had symptomatic demodectic mange themselves should be altered and not bred as there’s a genetic component to the immune system impairment. Sarcoptic mange is generally easier to treat, but it’s HIGHLY contagious to other dogs, and to people.

So, what I’m saying is: You need to take them all back to the vet for further treatment. If you don’t feel your current vet is treating them adequately, use a different vet. But get them help, It’s very itchy and painful.