Your Pet cries because they have Mange

Even strays need affection!/ Perros callejeros necesitan amor tambien!!!!
mange in dogs
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Maria Faena, a volunteer with Amazon CARES, came across the sick, helpless dog in Caballo Cocha at the end of October, 2009. According to fellow volunteer, Naimi Collins, "It was the first day of our neutering project in Caballococha. A few of us decided to go for a well deserved beer after our 8 hour journey down the Amazon to get there. We were all sitting along the outside bar laughing and sharing our experiences so far. As we were sitting there I noticed this very pretty but mange ridden dog sitting staring at us. I got of my stool and called her over. She took on that hunched doggy stance with her little stump of a tail wagging furiously say I’m a bit nervous but I’m really happy your talking to me. I stroked her and that was it. Slowly she introduced herself to all of us! Clearly she had decided “I like these guys, I know they will help me, I’m sticking around”.

Read more about Fluffy, her rescue and recovery process at….

Maria Faena, una voluntaria vio un enfermo perrito en Caballo Cocha a finales de Octubre 2009. Naimi Collins dice, que era el primer dia de esterilizacion, y algunos decidieron de ir por una Buena cerveza despues de las 8 horas de trabajo. Todos estabamos sentados, cuando en eso vi una linda perrita, viendonos. Me levante y me acerque a ella, ella se herizo pero con gran velocidad su cola se movia. Como diciendo “Estoy muy nerviosa, pero me gusta de que me estes hablando a mi”.

Sarcoptic mange is the most common mange and it is the easiest type of mange to treat. There are many ways to treat your dog if he has Sarcoptic mange and there are even some down right harmful mange home remedies on the internet. The best way and safest way is to use our Pets’BestRx products because:

* They are safe and pesticide free
* They are easy to use
* They are guaranteed to work
* They work fast
* Our trained Pet Advisor are trained on mange mite cures and they can offer specific mange regimens for your specific situation.

Unlike Ivermectin which is the traditional mange mite cure or treatments by vets, our product is nontoxic and free of pesticides. Ivermectin is a chemical injected into your dog to kill mites and commonly used by veterinarians. Ivermectin works in some cases, but after a couple of days the mites reappear. This chemical can take weeks to cure Sarcoptic mange, compared to our products that take only a few days to kill mange mites. Why would you want to inject harmful toxic chemicals in your dog that will compromise his immune system and will not allow him to heal properly?

Another way to heal Sarcoptic mange is to dip your dog. There are three different kinds of dips you can use and some have been band from the market. Paramite dip, mitaban dip and lime-sulfur dip. These dips are also effective to kill mange mites however cost hundreds of dollars and take months to start noticing a change. It doesn’t make sense to spend more money than necessary for a treatment that takes weeks or months to cure mange mites.

By using our Pets’BestRx mange medicine and mange creams, you are assured 98.5% success. We offer a 30-day guarantee. Dipping your dog is not guaranteed. Our products are safe and we have a proven mange mite cure for Sarcoptic mange in dogs.

“Is there mange repair?” The answer is yes; by using our Pets’BestRx mange treatment program for Demodectic mange and Sarcoptic mange, mange can be cured.

How long does the cure for Sarcoptic Mange take? In 3-5 days you should see dramatic results in your pets mange repair.

Can Mange be spread to humans? Yes, humans can get Mange, but the mite can only live up to 3 days without its correct host; therefore the person will itch constantly until the mite dies.

To learn more about sarcoptic mange visit our Mange Knowledge Base or visit our mange eguide. Sign up for our sarcoptic mange pet skin care articles sent directly to your inbox.

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