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We adopted a dog from a rescue shelter only to discover that she had demodectic mange. She would itch and rub and roll and scratch until she was bleeding. The folds of her mouth were red and swollen and she had a spot that bled next to her eye where she would rub her face along the grass every second that she went outside.
A skin scraping was done and the diagnosis of demodectic mange was made. She was treated with Ivermectin orally and an antibiotic for her demodectic mange. She never displayed hair loss as the rash like bumps and redness appear mainly on her belly and under her arms in the armpit areas. She has been on this medication for demodectic mange for two weeks and she is not getting any better. She still itches and scratches and rubs like crazy which I have read is not a side affect of the mites. I have to take her for a follow up this week and I was wondering how long does this demodectic mange treatment take to start working? And also, I know that the mites are present in all dogs so wouldn’t a scraping show them present in every dog? Is it possible that she is suffering from an allergy on top of the mange which is causing the itching?
Erm, she has DEMODECTIC mange not SARCOPTIC mange…there is a difference.

Demodectic Mange Treatment Tips

Put the dog in t-shirts while she heals up. It controls the damage for demodectic mange done by the scratching. Severe Demodex can take months to clear up, so don’t expect miracles.
The antibiotic is probably to cure a bacterial skin infection caused by the scratching.

Demodex mites that can cause demodectic mange are NOT visible unless they wake up. so no, you can’t do a skin scraping on just any dog and find mites. In healthy dogs they are dormant.

You need to get this girl on a really good diet and some immune booster vitamins.

The good news is oral Ivermectin for demodectic mange is pretty cheap and works!

Demodectic Mange Treatment!

 Demodectic Mange Treatment – Kennel Combo

mange - dog mange -demodex - mange in dogs - demodectic mangeDemodectic Mange Kennel Combo – MOST POPULAR! This is your Veterinary Strength Demodectic Mange treatment or for larger breeds (over 10 lbs). Contains products to PUSH deep into the hair follicles, treating the Demodectic mange on contact, relieves the itch and repairs the skin. Consists of no oils to stain your furniture or smell up your home! The humane way to treat your pet with Demodectic Mange.

Learn more about Demodectic Mange and Demodectic Mange Treatment.

After Just Two Treatments Of The Dip And Oatmeal Shampoo, Oreo Was Starting To Look Better.

Demodex mange is a skin complaint in dogs that’s due to them having a reaction to small parasitic mites. Does your dog suffer from mange? Read on and discover a home remedy for dog mange. But in some young puppies this does not occur and the mites cause inflammation, scaly inflamed skin and alopecia. Mange often starts off as a local problem on the young dog’s face. You may see 1 or 2 precise areas of irritation round his eyes and nose.

The products you choose should be endorsed for topical use. Some pure concentrated oils are dangerous, so be certain to read the instructions and cares before applying important oils to your dog’s skin. Mange is due to mites in your dog’s skin, so to treat mange effectively, you should dispose of the mites. One cheap and acceptable way to kill off mites is to spread a delicate layer of petrol jelly on your dog’s fur. Cheyletialla mange is also called walking dandruff as it is due to a bigger sort of red mite that produces scaling or flaking on your pet’s skin that truly looks like dandruff. This form is again rare, but when plagued you moggy will probably be attacked on the back, neck along with their sides. This is also a very transmissive sort of the mange that may be transmitted to other animals as well as humans. Chigger’s mange is due to mites that appear to be either red or yellow spots on you pets and could cause red sores as well as extremely raw skin.

This treatment should be done each 3 weeks for three months. You are meant to mix four oz into one gallon of water and wet the dog’s hair and skin absolutely. After just two treatments of the dip and oatmeal shampoo, Oreo was starting to look better. I can’t tell you how splendidly this treatment worked. Astragalus, Echinacea and arabinogalactans can often be beneficial. These additions have to be given to your dog orally. The applying of aloe vera, tea tree oil and vitamin E is also a good treatment for mange. Watch out, there are some important oils that are un-diluted and they can be deadly to your dog. When you realize your dog has mange, take additional measures to be sure he is clean.

Does anyone know a cure for demodectic mange?

My 8 month pit bull has been in and out of the vet for the last couple months getting mitaban dips and ivomec shots and nothing seems to cure her. I’ve read about a borax and peroxide mix (does anyone know exact measurements for that?) that can cure mange but does anyone know of anything else? Please don’t tell me to consult a veternarian-done that and nothing they can give me works! She used to be all white and now its more like all red with big patches of hair missing…PLEASS HELP!-I’ll try anything!

Nothing topical will work as the mites live right down in the hair follicle.

A daily dose of oral ivomec for several weeks will work and the spot-on treatment Advocate is listed as a demodex treatment. According to their blurb demedicosis has been cured in clinical trials.
It is important to try and get rid of this condition before it becomes generalised. It can be hard to treat once the dog’s condition becomes chronic. If it is really red there could be a secondary infection – has the dog had antibiotics for this?

Mange mites are present on most dogs in small amounts. It is only when they multiply that they can cause problems. This is often at times of suppressed immunity – puppyhood, old age, ill health etc. Have you thought about changing your dog’s diet (assuming that you feed commercial food) to something more natural? Many people report that their dogs’ natural immunity is increased after changing them to a raw diet without all the inappropriate ingredients that are in commercial foods.

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