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sulphur treatment for dog mange?

i was adviced to use a pinch of sulphur with milk to cure dog mange ……i have seen improvement in my dog ,growth of hair, reduced scratching..but am unsure of the dose and how long to continue…any ideas?
vet has prescribed half of 12 mg ivermectin for six weeks (because its a young dog) and 3 days dose of avil…..which treatment should i follow?
she has small pink boils so i think its Sarcoptic mange

Our shepherd is just coming to the end of treatment.

I used Omega Oil capsules (1000 mg), 400 iu Vitamin E, selenium and 50 mg Zinc in her food. I was also using an antibacterial shampoo twice a week. I found a drop of grapefruit seed extract in each handful of shampoo was great too – its a really powerful antibacterial/antiviral/antimicrobial agent so use with care!

Homeopathically I was giving her sulphur, graphite and silicea tabs (30X) twice a day, for seven days only, break of 3 days, then another dose for a week.

I think a combination of all this really helped her. You have to be patient – its a long, slow cure unfortunately. Please check with your vet before trying out any of the above just to make sure they will be safe and suitable for your pet. Best of luck.

Canine Mange – what can I do at home to care for my puppy!?

My 5 month old German Shepherd puppy (that I got at the pound) has mange. I have bathed her twice with a good dog shampoo for fleas, ticks, and lice but she is still miserable. To date she has cost me about $500 in medical bills and I can’t afford to take her to the vet again.

I have ordered a product named Dermisil ( a lime & sulfur mixture used for treating mange) and expect to receive it anyday but need to know if there is anything else I can do for her in the mean time. She is losing weight and is extremely week at this point from all of the itching I am sure. I noticed last night that she has been sweating and after I took her off of her bed she got the chills and began to shake.

At this point if I can not treat her myself I will have to put her down so any advice that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. If all you can offer is to take her to the vet please do not waste your time, if I had the means to go that route I would have done that a week ago.

Well, I’m going to waste my time, but listen.

You’ll need to borrow money from family or friends, but without proper diagnosis on which type of mange your dog has (or if it’s an allergy instead), then all your effort will be useless.

By the way, if you are unable to provide care for her, euthanization isn’t the only option!!! Nor should it ever be!

Consult local no-kill rescues & shelters.

how much does treatment for mange cost for a dog?

i think my dog has mange so i made an appointment with the vet for Wednesday but i was wondering if it is mange does anyone know how much it would cost from experience? she started loosing hair around her eyes & they look swollen and red and shes been really itchy and shes been biting so hard that theirs spots where shes missing fur now 🙁

I got a puppy (a bischon mix) and everything was fine for a year, then he started scratching and biting himself until he looked like I had been abusing him (bloody, bald spots everywhere). He hid under the bed for the next year and a half while I took him to several vets. One of them only gave me an antibiotic spray for hot spots, which of course didn’t work; one of them said he needed a $40/week dip in something, so we did that for awhile and he always felt better but after 6 weeks of this he really wasn’t getting any better. Then my friend suggested I take him to an old country vet, which I did and I’m glad I did! He did a scraping, looked under the microscope and said he has red mange, not contagious and he explained it to be like acne was for humans, i.e., all dogs have it, it lives in their hair follicles, he just happens to be bothered by it. Because he still had bloody sores all over, he gave me cipro (an antibiotic) and he said it HAD to be cipro and to go to the farm store and get 1% injectable ivermectin. The dosage to use for heartworm medication is .1cc per every 10 lbs., but he at least needs to be on .8cc’s of the ivermectin for it to do any good, so to increase it every few days until I got him up to the .8cc’s a day and if he starts throwing up, drop back down to the previous dose and try to work him back up to the .8cc’s a day. He is 28 lbs. so the dose needs to be triple the norm. Thankfully, this treatment has worked and I now have a happy dog but I still have to keep him on the ivermectin or it comes back. The vet also said that if it didn’t work, then we could try cancer drugs but the dog won’t last very long on them. He also said it is an immune disorder that is found in certain breeds…not contagious.

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